Today first of all let us study how to understand our approach towards money. let us do an experiment.

let us seat lonely in our bedroom probably early in the morning 4.30 am or evening 6.30 pm. switch off your mobile. dim lights. Tell your family members to not to disturb you. sit facing the doors, wear least and light clothes. have a nice a high quality pen that you can afford at higher price. and a diary

now close your eyes, pray to your best god or goddess or KULDEVATA, or if you don’t believe god keep your role model celebrity as idol. breath inhale and exhale deeply three times . now imagine as you have all your worldly pleasures next to the door, what do you see, store that picture in deep heart.

once the picure of your imagination is clear jot it down on the paper,

be loyal to yourself.once you are done with this read next.

what do you see now?

Rupee notes, foreign currency notes, bundles of currency notes, spread over notes,notes in the treasury,notes in the cash counter,notes in pocket,notes in the wallet,notes while purchasing bus ticket,cinema ticket,notes seen while doing daily mandatory transactions,money thrown over dancer in dance bar,notes spent all over,money kept in banks,money invested in gold and diamond ornaments,papers of bill statement,gift deed,will papers,,so go on  expand  your vision.see money everywhere, then only you can make money,

all the billionares and trillionare have become rich by expansion of vision of making money.

the objective of this illustrate your approach towards money and importance of it.

if your approach is narrow your chances of making money is also low.because money is everywhere,learn to find it,

so think,imagine and expand your vision.

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