Tap the Untapped Market Segment

Hi friends,today I am here to share my thoughts on untapped business opportunity till date.dear friends you can see the health and wellness awareness among masses.every you can see the patients of diabetes and obesity,blood pressure,hypertension,cancer etc,and according to health scholars bad habits of food are responsible for such kinds of health problems.

here in today”s dose  Now let us explore the food production and food processing segment,in this segment there is a sub segment that is nutraceuticals which is very health and nutritional value based food. in which lot of space is occupied by health and food suppliments which are mostly MULTILEVEL MARKETING Companies.also traditional companies are there.here i do not want to name out them

Now see what is my idea of business or the new business model.In which you need to focus on nutritional balanced diet based customized meals full day diet plan.which can be done by consulting with dieticians and nutricianists and cooks who have educational qualifications in food and nutrition.our target end consumer is patient who are on surgeons and physicians medication,who maybe obesity patient,diabetes,ulcer,cancer,hypertension,heart decease,bronchitis,asthama or anything else,whoever on medication is your consumer,and you can tapp them by consulting with doctors who can be ayurvedic medicine doctor,allo pathological,homeopathic,unani,so for this we have to incentivize doctors to to come to us.because of this dieicians scope will also increase,

now let us come to part of meals delivery,let us adopt both modes take away,walk inn,home delivery all modes because delivery is not tough task in days of zomato and swiggy and so on.

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